If you’re looking for awesome stag party you should choose a survival horror event. It will be a great option for those guys who are not afraid of sexy monsters. This kind of party will provide you truly terrifying and erotic experience. Are you ready to try to survive the zombie apocalypse?

We guarantee it will be an amazing time.

Our girls will come for you and there will be no excuses. If you want you can try to run… What will they do if they catch you? We do not want to reveal details but you can be sure that you will remember this time forever. Their tight and slim costumes will drive you out of mind. Whether you choose to try and survive the erotic-zombie apocalypse you’re guaranteed to have a great time. Believe us. These girls know what to do with horny prisoners. You could expect almost everything, even rape… These sex-devils are ready for everything. This event is run in the evening and overnight and include accommodation. This time will be very memorable but be sure to think about that. You have to be sure that you and your friends are ready for something like that.

Horror night